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Youth Employment Services and Discovery


                Youth Employment Services

With the implementation of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act (WIOA) many new opportunities are now available to students with disabilities. A student with a disability is defined in WIOA as: An individual with a disability, who is not younger than age 14 and is not older than age 21 and is eligible for and receiving special education services under part B of the individuals with Disabilities Education Act or is a student who is an individual with a disability for purposes of section 504. We here at Greene Arc see this as an exciting time for the youth in our area. So we are partnering with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) to provide Pre-employment transition Services to those students with disabilities in Greene and the surrounding counties. We are offering an opportunity for the students to explore a variety of careers that are available within our community so that they can begin to think about what type of job they would like to do after they have graduated from school. This is a wonderful opportunity for the student to interact with professionals and gain valuable knowledge about the skills, tasks and abilities necessary to do that job.


Job shadowing will provide students with the opportunity to shadow employees and obtain an overview of the knowledge, tasks, and abilities needed to work in that particular field. Job shadowing will provide students with disabilites a one to five day experience, for a maximum of 25 hours per school year.


Students will participate in work based learning experiences, which may include in-school or after school opportunities within the community. Students will be paid a stipend through Greene Arc while participating in the work based learning.


Greene Arc offers many programs that may be of benefit to you after you graduate from high school. We have a Supported Employment Program, Semi-Independent Living Program and are approved to assist adults with employment through the Offices of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR).

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"Discovery consist of looking at the same thing as everyone else but thinking something different." - Albert Szent Gyorayi (Nobel prize winner)

What is Discovery?

What is the Discovery Process? Discovery answers the question "Who is this person?" by:

  • interviewing the person, people important to the person and those who work with the person.
  • Observe the person in the places where they spend their time.
  • Spending time with the person.

All of these activities are implemented to identify the conditions for success, interests of the person that may translate into a need in a work place and to identify potential contributions the individual could make to an employer.

What is the outcome of Discovery? When Discovery is finished, a profile will be completed. The profile can be used by schools, vocational counselors, supported employment provider, etc. to assist the person in seeking a job which matches his/her interests, conditions for success and whereas they can contribute to the work place in a meaningful way.

Why do we do Discovery?

Discovery is used to create a comprehensive, descriptive profile of the person with complex needs that can be used to customize employment for the person ( to create the "ideal job"). Discovery is NOT employment and it is not a plan. Rather it is the first step in the customized process, with the goal of employment.

For further information you may contact:

        Carol Brown
        Vocational Director
        Phone: (724) 627-5511 ext. 119
        Fax: (724) 852-1764

            Patricia Arthur
            Community Programs Coordinator
            Phone: (724) 627-5511 ext. 114
            Fax: (724) 852-1764