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Supported Employment


      Supported Employment

      Greene Arc, Inc. provides employment opportunities through our Supported Employment Program. This Program affords individuals the opportunity to seek and secure competitive employment in the community. Each individual is provided a Career Coach who will support the individual until all their employment needs are met.

      Our Supported Employment Program is made up of direct and indirect services that are provided to support individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities in community employment work sites. Services needed to sustain work include supervision and training.

      Supported Employment Services consist of two components: job searching and job support in competitive employment, based on an individual's choice. Individuals earn minimum wage or a higher rate of pay.

        Greene Arc, Inc. has partnered with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR), which provides Vocational Rehabilitation Services to help eligible people with disabilities prepare for, obtain and maintain employment.

        For further information please contact:

        Patricia Arthur
        Community Programs Coordinator
        Phone: (724) 627-5511, Ext. 114
        Fax: (724) 852-1764

        Greene Arc, Inc. is an "Equal Opportunity Employer."