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Social Rehabilitation


Social Rehabilitation

    The Purpose Behind Social Rehabilitation

    Social rehabilitation is designed to care for individuals with impairing psychiatric disabilities by fostering skills and encouraging self growth to prevent institutionalization or hospitalization. Our goal is to help clients care for themselves by developing social, vocational, and other "living" skills. Such skills include finding ways to help oneself and others independent of professional care.

      Services provided to teach or improve self-care, personal behavior and social adjustment for persons with a mental illness that focus on the development of independent living skills, and communication skills, etc.

      The Social Rehabilitation Model is Characterized by:

        • Environments that resemble and foster typical living and working situations found in the community.
        • Staff who serve as guides rather than directors.
        • Staff understanding and recognizing that our clients know more about themselves than we do.
        • Belief that all persons have the potential for growth and change.
        • Advocacy of interdependence with others rather that dependence on others.
        • Encouragement of appropriate risk-taking by staff and clients.
        • The course and pace of services are consumer driven.
        • Understanding that social rehabilitation involves addressing discrimination, economic injustice, and barriers of stigma.

      Who Can Refer?

      • All Residents of Greene County 18 or over
      • Prior Mental Health Diagnosis that affects one or more of the following areas:
        Living, learning, Working, Socialization, Wellness
      • Can be referred by anyone