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Open Arms Drop-In Center


Greene Arc, Inc. is excited to announce its new collaboration with Waynesburg University to start a rhythmic music class two days a week at the Drop-In Center. These classes will be led by students within the music department and Bonner Scholars. The aim of the program is to introduce musical expression through rhythm. Rhythmic instruments were purchased through a generous grant made possible by Greene County Memorial Hospital Foundation.

The Drop-In Center is an Activity Center operated by individuals with mental health issues with provider oversight. Offers an accepting, non-clinical atmosphere where individuals with mental health issues can feel they belong, encourages individuals to take responsibility for their own recovery, provides support in times of turmoil and social isolation, offers opportunities to improve social skills and to develop and maintain healthy relationships.

The Drop-In Center is open five days a week. Monday through Thursday open 11:00am - 4:00pm. On Friday open 9:30am - 4:00pm.

The Drop-In Center is for Greene County residents, eighteen years of age and older. It is open to members who are currently in mental health recovery.

The center provides socialization opportunities and monthly trips to the Western region CSP meetings in Butler Pennsylvania.

Members of the Drop-In Center are encouraged to choose a variety of activities to experience together. Open Arms empowers the members to take ownership of the program and all facets of it's operation.

This program is funded by Value Behavioral Health and Greene County Human Services.

Open Arms members are encouraged to research and select various group activities that result in education, advocacy, socialization and community service.

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities at the Open Arms Drop-In Center, contact the Mental Health Director.

Who Can Refer?

      • All Residents of Greene County 18 or above
      • Open to all who are in Mental Health Recovery

Open Arms Drop-In Center Activity Calendar

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For more information:

    Phone Number: (724)627-3213.
    Fax Number: (724)852-1856.
    Location: 30 North Washington Street, Waynesburg.