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Supported Living


                  Supported Living


        Service Description

        Semi-Independent Living Program is an unlicensed community residential habilitation service provided in an individuals private residence. This program is long term for individuals who are 18 years of age or older and who need a yearly average of 30 hours or less direct care staff contact per week.

        Semi-Independent Living Program is an excellent choice for individuals on the road to independence. Semi-Independent is supported by 24 hour-a-day access to direct care staff. The staff focuses on each participant's strengths and needs, while respecting individual choice and building a sense of. .


        To help participating individuals prepare for healthy, productive, independent living...

        Greene Arc, Inc. offers:

        • A structured environment
        • Life skills training in areas such as fire safety, first aid, general safety awareness, self administration of medication, money management (developing a budget, shopping within budget), food management (nutrition and meal planning), food preparation, cooking, health/hygiene, career exploration, decision making, use of community emergency resources, rights and responsibility of community living, transportation, social and recreational skills.
        • Assistance in the development of individual support plan with goals and objectives.
        • Assistance with vocational training and/or employment opportunities.
        • Access to other community programs.
        • Help in finding affordable housing.
        • Transportation to attend appointments, work, vocational training and home visits.
        • Medical services including physicals, vision care, hearing care and more.

        Rewarding Benefits

        Individuals will have the opportunity to live in their own home and be active members of their community.

        They will be afforded the chance to have the "Everyday Life" experience within their community.

        They will receive assistance as needed in developing the skills that will enhance this experience.

        Their health and safety needs will be monitored by agency personnel consisting of trained direct care staff and the director of community programs.


        All staff must receive a minimum of 24 hours of training per year, and must be trained in the topics listed in the pre-service and required training sections. The training calendar year is January 1 through December 31.

        Pre- Service training shall consist of, but not limited to:

        • Individual Support Plan
        • Advocacy for Everyday LIfe
        • Individuals Bill of Rights
        • HIPAA
        • Community Participation
        • Relationship Building
        • CPR/First Aid

        All support staff and individuals are trained initially and annually in Fire Safety at the home which will include: General Fire Safety, Evacuation Procedures, Designated Responsibility and Meeting Place. Use of Smoke Detectors, Fire Extinguisher and Smoking Safety.

        Our goal is to promote the independence and employment of individuals with disabilities.

        For further information:
        Contact: Patricia Arthur
        Community Programs Coordinator
        Phone: 724-627-5511
        Fax: 724-852-1764

        Greene Arc, Inc. is an "Equal Opportunity Employer"